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Cometti Srl resinatura graniti Verona Italy


Cometti Srl resinatura graniti lavorazione conto terzi Verona Italy


The Company

After having gained the necessary experience through many years of work at companies belonging to the stone industry, in 1982 Mr. Cometti Francesco with his wilfulness and courage, decided to launch into the adventure of being an entrepreneur setting up a new company specialised in the polishing of granite, working for third parties.

The more the number of customers from Italy and many European countries grew, the more the business itself grew. They actually relied on Mr. Cometti to polish and wax their granites.

In 1993 a bright intuition incited Mr. Cometti to experiment, as the first one in Italy, with the resin treatment on granite slabs. This operation, aimed at eliminating the defects of porosity and fissuring on national and foreign granites promptly proved successful. This experience turned out to be positive and the demand for the resin treatment of granite slabs grew as rapidly as the growing of the company.

With the passing of time, Cometti came into line with the higher and higher demand, purchasing new machineries, improving its technology and becoming the point of reference for the producers of granite slabs and for the resin treatment and granites polishing industry.Today, a modern and technologically advanced resin-treating plant allows to reach a daily production of about 300 slabs.

Cometti has always been considered the leading company as far as polishing and reutilization of granite slabs with relevant defects are concerned. The co-operation of the daughter Angiolina Cometti has played a relevant role in the organization and in the development of the company itself from the professional as well as the technological point of view, being always in the forefront as per the facing, resin-treating and polishing processes to offer its customers the best quality.


We are focusing on those companies that produce semi-finished granite products, offering the slabs polishing and resin-treating service.

Our service wants to differ in the quality of the cutting and in the keeping of its word. For this reason, we use the best products and we take great care over the quality of every carved slab.

Our customer could also rely on our readiness to offer advice on the treatment and the solutions of problems, in an active, cooperative and transparent way.

You could appreciate our simplicity, preciseness, attention, trust, fairness and the respect we have for our interlocutors as well as the recognition of a cooperative and team attitude.

Facing, polisching and waxing

The unrefined slabs, obtained from the sawing or the resined ones are then subject to further cuttings through the action of the polisher abrasive heads. Besides polishing the slabs, we also carry out the treatment to darken some materials, remove the rust, any grease stains on the Black/Zimbabwe Absolute or just the waxing itself. Reiforcing

The reinforcing consists in strengthening the granite slabs. The use of the fibreglass net as framework of the reinforcing epoxy resins gives the slab an exceptional breaking and impact strength. The use of this system, both manually and automatically is widely spread for the granite slabs reinforcing and reutilization. Vacuum resin-treatment

Thanks to the vacuum, the resin filters deeper through the narrow fissures of the stone and the granite, thus ensuring a better renewal of the slabs.

The vacuum resined slabs gain a better polish as every fissure, even the narrowest one, is filled with resin.

Besides, the fissures saturated with resin impede the damp infiltrations coming from the laying plane.

The company Cometti avails itself of the most modern vacuum resin-treating plants, with resin scattering on the surface of the granite slabs (that is to say not in resin immersion) and has set-up, within its company, the techniques and the resins to be used in the different cutting processes.

Our company can rely on an innovative slab resin restoring plant and on a new Breton granite polishing line. The main feature of the resin restoring plant is the presence of a hole working on radio frequency that guarantees the perfect drying of the slabs throughout their whole thickness as well as their heating before the resins restoring. In the final part of the line, the carved slabs can be worked and stored according to the level of polymerization reached by the resin and after about 2-3 hours they can be polished.